Woman says she almost quitted her marriage after her husband had tried to strangle her to death after a wrangle

A lady identified as Norah- not her real name and a nurse in Nakuru County shared an
emotional story on how her husband once tried to kill her through strangling her with his own
hands. She says that evening she had just come from work and after her husband arrived, the
two had some serious arguments which was a norm in their marriage. After sometimes things
cooled down and thought things were okay but she was shocked as her husband jumped on her
neck and tried to strangle her to death. With the help of her neighbors, she was rescued after
she loudly screamed.
“He was indeed killing me. I was quickly losing my breath. We had been having domestic
violence in our marriage for a long time now. We had tried several ways of solving but we had
not found a solution yet. That particular night were it not for my neighbors, then I would be
dead,” she said.
She said most of the times she had been accusing her husband of being disloyal into their
marriage but most of the times he never wanted such critics as she said. Still she had loved her
husband as she said she had known him to be a good man and such challenges were all over in
other marriages. Some of her friends warned her that one day he would kill her but she was not
ready to abandon her marriage.

She says a friend of hers told her of a herbalist located in Majengo Town Vihiga County Western
Kenya going be the name Dr Mugwenu. This man had helped other marriage partners having

similar rifts. She met Dr Mugwenu who casted successful peace marriage spells that would
settle everything. She also said that Dr Mugwenu told her that he exercises doctor-patient
confidentiality and neither her files, records nor identity would be shared to a third party nor
made public unless on her own volition if she decided to give a testimony. Norah says since
meeting Dr Mugwenu everything was solved as this time round she had been living at peace
with her husband. She was shocked with how he even turned to a romantic and loving man.
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