They Lied To RUTO ? Here's Proof That 'Bottom-up Hotel' Is A Kitchen Of A Home Not An Eatery [Photos]

They Lied To RUTO ? Here’s Proof That ‘Bottom-up Hotel’ Is A Kitchen Of A Home Not An Eatery [Photos]

As he kicked off his tour of Nyamira county for the second day with a visit to North Mugirango constituency in the morning of today on November 2nd, Deputy President William Ruto surprised the public with the “humble eatery” in which he took his breakfast.

The DP who has been in the county since yesterday decided to have his breakfast in a village called Bomwagamo in that constituency and the place from which he was served was one of its kind.

As seen in videos and photos that have gone viral on the internet in the aftermath of his surprise visit of the village, the DP was seen engaging Bomwagamo residents in a lively conversation as they sipped tea and ‘mandazi’.

Upon taking a closer look at the photos that were shared on Facebook by the DP hours after surprising Mr. Zachary Matunda and his wife, we noticed that there’s a high probability that their bottom-up hotel isn’t an eatery but rather a kitchen in their homestead.

To back up our argument, we noticed the following three things that raise eyebrows.

1. Fresh paint.

While conversing with the DP, Mr. Zachary Matunda said that the eatery had been opened a while ago after his wife had lost her job and that the name has been around for a while too.
But from the photo above, I bet you can notice that the wall or rather words seem to be freshly painted and there’s even some paint droppings on the ground despite the area having been receiving heavy rains that can easily wash away the paint or create mud that can cover it.

2. The “hotel” is adjacent to the main house and they’re all enclosed in a homestead.

If you look at the photo above and if there wasn’t that “bottom-up hotel” writing on the wall of the room on the right, I bet you will easily conclude that the houses make up a typical homestead in a Kenyan village.
Anyone else will conclude that on the left is the main house and then on the right is the kitchen because there’s actually no other structure that can be said to be serving as a kitchen in that homestead.
3. A fence and gate surrounding the homestead.
Another proof that this is a kitchen in a homestead and not a hotel is the presence of a “gate” and a meshed wire fence surrounding the compound as seen above.
4. Sofa sets in a rural hotel?
Inside the said hotel, we can notice that there’s a navy blue sofa set at the back which was used by the other customers that had accompanied the DP.
Therefore, our conclusion is that maybe the owner of this home moved some furniture like tables and chairs from the main house to the kitchen in preparation for hosting the DP in a ‘BOTTOM-UP HOTEL’.
Content created by: AustineBarasa