Remember The Poor Monkey Boy? Who Lived In Bushes? He Now Rolls In Suits ,Is Schooling And Rich

Nine months ago, the life story of a 21-year-old man captivated audiences across national channels and social media platforms.

Hailing from southern Rwanda, Nsazamine Elie earned the nickname “gorilla” and occasionally “monkey” due to his distinctive appearance. His narrative, however, took a poignant turn as his mother, through media discussions, revealed that he represented her last beacon of hope and joy after enduring the heartbreak of losing her first five children.

Elie’s mother shared, “Elie is my sixth child. His five brothers and sisters have all passed away. After the loss of his older siblings, we were in despair. We prayed for another child, and fortunately, we were blessed with Nsazamine. Now, I cherish him as a heaven-sent gift from God and love him unconditionally.” Following Elie’s birth, it became evident that he would be unique, characterized by an unusually small head, distinct facial features, and, as his mother noted, he was nonverbal with learning difficulties.

Months later, Elie’s story underwent a transformative journey as it gained widespread attention and massive support. Generous benefactors rallied behind him, constructing a new home and furnishing it for the family.

Elie, once nicknamed “gorilla,” has become a beloved figure, donning various suits and designer clothes, winning the hearts of many. Currently enrolled in school, he is actively learning to navigate social interactions after spending a significant amount of time in the wilderness. The positive trajectory of his life showcases the impact of collective support and compassion on an individual’s journey.