Obinna: 'Pritty Vishy is becoming hotter!' -

Obinna: ‘Pritty Vishy is becoming hotter!’

Conversations created on social media have positively changed the community as they highlight modern problems and have modern solutions.

Recently, men have been firmly saying that they would rather stay single than marry a woman, who after a couple of years, will eventually file for a divorce.

On today’s Morning Kiss, Chito and Obinna were visiting the topic asking their listeners what would they prefer and as expected, approximately 90% of the men said they would rather be bachelors.

However, Obinna said that there are women who go from ‘Kienyeji’ (Local) to ‘Broilers’ and others from ‘Broilers’ to ‘Kienyeji’.

“Chito let me tell you something, do you know that there are ladies who move from Kienyeji to Broilers and others from Broilers to Kienyeji and there is in between but very rare, for example, look at Stivo Simple Boy’s ex-girlfriend, Pritty Vishy alikuwa Kienyeji, ameanza kuiva (Pritty Vishy was termed as local but now she has started becoming beautiful.)” said Obinna.

To counter Obinna, Chito asked, “Wewe unasema tuu hivyo kwa sababu she is single? (You are just saying that because she is single).” But Obinna stood by his verdict adding that she washed off her insecurities and is now back to the market.

No! ameoga akarudi soko and kidogo kidogo Pritty Vishy ameanza kuwa broiler kwa umbali,” the comedian said.

He added that if Stivo Simple Boy isn’t careful, he would grab the opportunity and have his moment with Pritty Vishy as he joked using Stivo’s catchy phrase, Freshi Barida.

“If she continues like that, I am warning Stivo Simple Boy that Niko freshi barida na niko ready kumtolea baridi.”

Earlier on, Obinna had said that Pritty Vishy had slid into his DM’s asking for video collaboration.

The host revealed that Pritty texted saying, “Hey, I am Pritty Vishy, I am a content creator and would like to do a video with you!