To all graduates who seems to have lost hope in securing jobs, here is an encouraging story on how to easily get one

In Kenya today there are a lot of youths seeking for employment but the fact just remains the
job opportunities are only meant for the few Kenyans who either know each other. A lot of
graduates find themselves doing some ordinary jobs like car washing and working as handy
men in construction sites.

To Samuel 27 year old graduate from a certain university in Nairobi,
he had gone through hell. He graduated with a bachelor degree in information technology but
landing a job was really difficult for him as he narrated. He turned to handy jobs some which he
was being paid some peanut money but it was good than staying idle as he narrated.

“I once worked under menial jobs as a handy man despite having the skills to be an
communication and information officer. I had no option as I would not depend on my parents
or people who were close to me to feed me,” he told our source. It reached a point the job was
really difficult with a little pay and so he turned to working in a car wash. Things had not
changed as there was a lot of work at the car wash. His boss never gave him some time to even
rest. He would even despise him by telling him that he wasted his school fees going to the
university and now he had no job.

He never lost hope despite all this kind of upheavals. After sometimes through a friend read
through a article from a viral website where a native Dr Mugwenu
had been offering people some job spells which gave them the break through to get their
desirable jobs. From the website he go Dr Mugwenu contact and met him at this offices as he
really needed the job. On meeting Dr Mugwenu, he was offered job spells that would make him

get a job within a shortest time. Dr Mugwenu told him that he exercises doctor-patient
confidentiality and neither his records, files nor identity would be shared to a third party nor
made public unless on how own volition if he decided to make a testimony. Few weeks later
after coming from Dr Mugwenu’s work place, he landed an office job in a certain private
organization which offered him some good salary. His life since then changed as people who
had been despising him now turned to be his friends.

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