Dirty Tricks Behind Abducted JKUAT student Victor Kibet, Who Owns 4 Luxurious Cars

At just 23 years old, Victor Kibet, a recent graduate holding a Bachelor of Commerce degree from JKUAT, appeared to have reached remarkable heights of success in his life.

His lifestyle was marked by the ownership of several luxury vehicles, notably a 2023 Mercedes GLC 250 4 Matic valued at over Sh. 8.3 million, alongside an Audi Q7, a Subaru Forester, and a Toyota Mark X.

However, the origins of his seemingly extravagant lifestyle sparked speculation, with many questioning how he could afford such opulence without a clear source of income.

Initially, Kibet attributed his wealth to forex trading, but recent disclosures have cast doubt on this claim.

Unsubstantiated allegations surfaced, suggesting Kibet’s involvement in international online fraud schemes, purportedly collaborating with associates in China to deplete bank accounts.

Responding to these accusations, Kibet’s father publicly refuted claims of his son’s affluent status, asserting that he only owned one vehicle, which he himself had purchased. He dismissed the rumors circulating about his son’s wealth and urged authorities to investigate further.

During interviews, Kibet’s father discredited the narrative of his son’s wealth, highlighting the family’s reliance on Kibet’s bank account for savings and clarifying that Kibet’s property ventures were rooted in his rural upbringing and his involvement in farming.

Despite ongoing scrutiny from authorities, Kibet’s sudden disappearance on March 18 in Juja raised alarm. Reports indicated he was abducted by armed individuals posing as law enforcement officers. However, there has been no official confirmation of his whereabouts or any record of his arrest or detention.