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“Kaniroga uyu kaka Nyie sio bure” – Zuchu confesses love For Her Boyfriend Diamond

Award-winning Tanzanian singer Zuchu has recently opened up about the challenges of ending her relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

Taking to her social media, the talented artist behind the hit “Sukari” expressed her struggles, revealing that Platnumz had taken her to a traditional healer, making it difficult for her to completely sever ties with him.

In a heartfelt post, Zuchu shared, “Mambo Pekeji Pekeji Twajisosomola 😍 ,🌹 Kaniroga uyu kaka Nyie sio bure @diamondplatnumz,” indicating her emotional turmoil over the situation.

This confession comes amidst rumors of reconciliation between the two, following a highly publicized breakup.

Surprising fans on May 10, 2024, Platnumz unveiled a new collaboration with Zuchu, titled “Raha,” signaling a harmonious reunion between the pair. The release was accompanied by a captivating music video showcasing their chemistry.

In the song, both artists express affection for each other, emphasizing the joy and contentment they find together.

“RAHA na Usingizi wa Moyo @officialzuchu on all Platforms Now, Enjoy👋🏻!!❤️‍🔥🌹 #RAHADZ,” Diamond and Zuchu jointly announced, sharing their excitement for the new track.

This musical reconciliation follows a period where the couple unfollowed each other on Instagram, fueling speculation of a breakup. A check on their profiles confirms the absence of mutual following, hinting at recent conflicts.

Currently, Diamond follows 1510 accounts on Instagram, with Zuchu notably absent from his list. Likewise, Zuchu follows 768 individuals, with Diamond excluded from her followers.

Zuchu’s decision to distance herself from Diamond stems from feelings of humiliation and embarrassment, particularly concerning his interactions with his ex-girlfriend Sarah. She has made it clear that she has moved out of Platnumz’s residence in response to his recent behavior.