House Help Lands Ksh200K Windfall

House Help Lands Ksh200K Windfall

Justice Nduma Nderi has ordered an employer  to pay his house help, Moreen Muhani, Ksh 270,964 after he fired her without cause.

The judge ruled that the house help was well within her rights to ask for a raise after which her employer got angry and kicked her out.

“The employer violated sections 36,41,43 and 45 of the Employment Act 2007 and the claimant is entitled to compensation.READ more    Tony Nyadundo vigorously attacked by thieves”photos”

“I find that the house girl did not contribute to the termination of her job. She was underpaid and was victimized for asserting her right for salary increment,” ruled Nderi.

When Muhani started her job, she was employed on a salary of Ksh 3,000 which the judge ruled was unfair.

After working for 2 years, her boss sent her away with none terminal benefits.READ more  Why you have a body odour and how to fix it Tips

Over the years, house helps are shielded from unfair practices and dealing environments which were largely hooked in to employers.

The government set the wage for house helps at Ksh 10,000.

The law also requires employers to enroll them into NSSF and NHIF schemes.

According to the utilization Act 2007, employers should award certificates of service to their house helps upon lawful dismissal.READ more  Being a woman, wife and mother in Nairobi is tough

The judge also ruled that house helps need to be payed work done during public holidays and weekends.

Muhani was awarded Ksh13,473 for the vacations she worked without rest stating that her employers violated labour laws.

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