Murang'a Woman Returns Home After 17 Years.
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Murang’a Woman makes A surprise Return Home After 17 Years.

Milkah Muthoni according to reports ran away from Kagaa village, Kiharu in 2004 aged 18 after completing her KCPE exams.

After running away, she found herself in Nairobi and got married to and had two kids.

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During the 2007 post election violence, she and the husband relocated to Narok but were forced to return to Nairobi.

The two later divorced and she left her two children with the husband.After the divorce, she later moved to Nyeri where she got married again and had two more children with the second husband.

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The husband later on was jailed in Mombasa and Milkah was evicted from their home and forced to do odd jobs to fend for her two kids.

She added that she decided to go back home after her children’s constant nagging about the whereabouts of their grand parents.

Her mother and family members could not hide their joy for her coming back, adding that they had not yet given up on searching for her as no report on her death had been brought to them.

“I had given up on seeing my daughter alive. I had not received any death report for all the years and I knew she was alive,” her mother said.

Muthoni encouraged people with lost relatives or friends, saying some of them could just be in deep struggles but will eventually come back one day, just as she did.

“We will now be visiting home henceforth together with my husband and children. The children I left in Narok are under the custody of their father. I don’t know if one day I will see them,” she said.

The villagers after her return held a celebration to honor her return home.

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