“What Matters Is I Got The Money” Socialite Shakilla Unapologetic About Having Unprotected S3x With Nigerian Singer Portable 

Portable, a Nigerian singer, surprised everyone when he shared videos to confirm his encounters with three women during his first trip to Nairobi, Kenya. Despite being relatively unknown until December 2021 when Nigerian musician Olamide collaborated with him on his hit single ‘Zazoo Zeh,’ Portable’s actions caused a commotion.

The Nigerian singer was invited to perform in Kenya, marking his debut international appearance. Arriving in Nairobi over the weekend, Portable’s presence created quite a buzz, with videos of him surrounded by three women in a room quickly going viral on platforms like Twitter.

One of the women who shared Portable’s bed during his visit was Shakilla, a popular socialite. In one of the videos, she can be seen twerking for the Nigerian singer, addressing him as her “daddy.” Another video shows Shakilla following Portable’s command to flash her panties. Nigerian blogs even claimed that the rising singer had engaged in unprotected intercourse with the three women.

Kenyans on social media expressed their anger and disappointment towards Shakilla for her involvement in the encounter with Portable in Nairobi. However, Shakilla remains unapologetic about her actions. She emphasized that the only thing that mattered to her was being compensated for her participation.

Taking to Instagram, Shakilla wrote, “Secure the bag. The rest are sideshows,” indicating that financial gain was her main priority in the situation.