“Vaa Suruali” Wild Reactions As Akothee Flaunts Her Nyash -

“Vaa Suruali” Wild Reactions As Akothee Flaunts Her Nyash

Akothee, the renowned singer, has caused a frenzy among netizens by sharing a photo of herself enjoying her time in Murten, Switzerland. In the picture taken at a recreational facility, the mother of five was elegantly dressed in a long white outfit. However, her attire seemed to draw attention to her behind, which became a topic of discussion.

“Mimi naishi tu hii Ulaya hakuna ugali na omena halafu nianze kudharau watu wanaenjoy nature Kenya. Onto the next flight hata kama Kuna maandamano, mnifungulieni bara bara niende Rongo pris,” she captioned the photo.

Despite the thoughtful caption, most netizens seemed fixated on different aspects. Some speculated that Akothee was not wearing underwear, while others admired her figure.

“Ah hapa ni kama uko kamando roho safi.”

“Kumbe unakuwanga na manyunjus ivo.”

“Eyiii you have a bright future behind you🥰… When I grow up I wanna be like you.”

“Umemea tumatako darling, kudos to omosh vitamin iko chojo chojo.”

“We vaa suruali wacha kutubeba ufala.”

“Omosh anakulea vizuri hadi sitting allowance Zimeiongezeka.”

It’s worth noting that Akothee recently celebrated her one-year anniversary with her husband, Omosh. Their love story began with love at first sight, culminating in a lavish wedding held in April.

“On The 16th July 2022, I met my husband in Switzerland, Zurich city, on the lake of Zug. On the 18th July 2022, we had our second date in his city, Bern, on Murten sea. He didn’t allow me to go back to my residence. Our third date was in the mountains, where Denis Omondi spoiled me with romance 🤣🤣I forgot myself, and he swept me off my feet. He then proposed to me and asked if he could introduce me to his family. I said yes, I am ready. We then drove to Italy, and on his mother’s birthday, he proudly presented his future wife. On the 6th of August, I had 30 minutes to introduce myself to my mother-in-law in German 🤣🤣🤣🤣. I told her I am a mother of 5, strong with several failed relationships, but I want to try again 🤣🤣💪. Denis’ mom is sweet and quiet; he has a calm family, though not on social media, very private family,” she wrote on Facebook.

In conclusion, Akothee’s captivating photo and her love story with Omosh have stirred the online community, with netizens expressing various opinions on her outfit and personal life.