Why Tiktoker Brian Chira will be buried in his graduation gown

Brian Chira, who recently passed away tragically, will be laid to rest in a poignant ceremony wearing a graduation gown, as per the wishes of his late grandmother. This decision was disclosed by Baba Talisha, a close friend and content creator, who shared that the funeral arrangements were made in accordance with Chira’s family’s desires.

The solemn ceremony is scheduled for March 26, with the funeral proceedings set to take place in Githunguri, the hometown of Chira’s grandmother. Baba Talisha clarified that the viewing of the body will occur at Kenyatta Funeral Home, adhering to the Kikuyu tradition, rather than at the grandmother’s residence.

Chira met his untimely demise in a tragic road accident on March 16, 2024, at around 3 am along the Ndenderu-Ruaka Road in Kiambu County. Reports indicate that a speeding lorry collided with him while he was being transported home on a motorcycle by a friend.

Allegations surfaced suggesting that Chira had been ejected from a local club due to disruptive behavior, purportedly under the influence of alcohol. Witnesses claim he was alone and intoxicated when the incident occurred.

Following the accident, Chira’s body was initially taken to Nairobi Funeral Home before being transferred to Kenyatta University funeral home. Baba Talisha emphasized that the funeral service would be conducted at his grandmother’s residence due to its ample space, accommodating attendees comfortably.

Given the limitations of space, only immediate family members and select individuals, such as priests, will be accommodated inside the venue during the burial ceremony. Others will gather outside to pay their respects and participate in the proceedings.

Baba Talisha extended an invitation to Chira’s fans and online followers who wish to attend the funeral, advising them to arrange their own transportation and offering guidance for reaching the venue.

Chira, who was raised by his grandmother as an orphan, leaves behind a legacy cherished by many. His memory will be honored in a ceremony befitting his significant impact on those around him.