“Anaitwa  My Love” Lilian Muli Confirms That She Is In Love Again And Engaged

Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli has finally confirmed that she is no longer single, putting an end to speculations about her relationship status. In an interview with Ankali Ray, Muli was initially guarded about sharing details of her romantic life.

When asked directly about her relationship status, Muli responded with reluctance, saying, “What type of question is that surely?” She expressed her hesitation to delve into her personal life, stating, “Mambo ya watu wawili is complicated. I don’t like talking about my relationship status. But I am a grown-up, of course, you know I can’t be single.”

Despite her initial reservations, Muli did confirm that she is currently in a relationship. However, she remained tight-lipped about revealing any specifics about her partner when Ankali pressed for more information. She replied, “Mwuulize atakuambia mwenye unasuspect ni nani,” suggesting that those who suspect someone should inquire directly.

Additionally, Muli dismissed rumors of being involved with DJ Delight or Comedian Ofweneke, clarifying that they are her close friends and not romantic partners.

When asked about the possibility of a wedding in the future, Muli firmly requested that her private matters be left alone. She emphasized her happiness in the present and questioned the need for discussing wedding plans, suggesting that anyone curious should ask the person they suspect directly.

Muli openly expressed her deep affection for her mysterious partner, stating, “I have a lot of love in my heart for everyone, of course, nampenda kabisa.” However, she chose to keep her partner’s name a secret, playfully referring to them as “my love.”

Regarding the question of whether they were living together, Muli declined to provide an answer.

In July, Lilian Muli raised suspicions that she had reconciled with Jared Nevaton Ombongi, her second baby’s father and chairman of Shabana FC. This speculation arose after she shared a photo of them together on her Instagram account during a high-profile event at Gusii stadium. On Father’s Day the previous month, she had expressed her feelings for Jared in a heartfelt manner.