Betty Kyallo: Trolls Have Been Attacking Me Since I Started Reading News At 22 

During an interview with Nairobi News, Betty, a mother of one, shared that she embarked on her journey as a news anchor at the young age of 22.

Betty recounted the challenges she faced from the moment she made her debut on television. The criticisms she received over the years compelled her to develop a resilient demeanor.

“I have experienced it all, to the extent that my skin has become remarkably thick. Commencing my news anchoring career as a young woman at 22 was no easy task. I encountered constant criticism, and at times, the feedback was exceptionally harsh. Consequently, I learned to disregard the negative comments from social media trolls. I pay no attention to their words. In fact, I deliberately avoid reading anything unfavorable about myself,” revealed Betty Kyallo.

She further shared, “So, for the show, it’s just another day in my life. However, I’m particularly protective when it comes to my sisters. Whenever they feel attacked, I am fully present for them. But ultimately, I believe we will overcome any challenges we face.”

Betty made the decision to step away from her news anchoring role at K24 in May 2020. This move came about due to her refusal to accept a salary reduction. She initially kick-started her career at KTN before transitioning to K24.

At present, Betty relies solely on her entrepreneurial endeavors to sustain herself.