Hope For ‘Madem Mitaro’, This Surgery Can Repair Virginity

Ladies with huge valleys down there can now smile as doctors who repair virginity have landed in Kenya.

Madem mitaro as they are often reffered to suffer in silence as men only sip from their well once. However, these men do not dare go a second time as their first experience resulted into nothingness and no sweetness.

This usually make the women suffer in silence with their puntured self esteem, making them stay single for long.

“I only go with a man once na huwa hawarudi. That feeling hurts juu you feel like a worthless being in this world,” said Kwamboka (not her real name).

Some cultures take virginity seriously and subject their girls to virginity testing before they are married off.

But there is hope for such women and they will now be able to keep their men for as long as they will be together.

How To Repair Virginity

Medical procedures to restore virginity, also known as hymenoplasty or hymen reconstruction surgery, are available.

This is done through the surgical repair of the hymen. which is a thin membrane that partially covers the vaginal opening.

It is the tear of the hymen that renders a woman not a virgin or ‘mitaro‘. But it does not end there. Giving birth is also a major contributing factor to a ‘mtaro’.

For victims of female genital mutilation, the clitoris can be reconstructed and the hole becomes ‘whole’ again. Clitoris reconstruction is life changing as it gives back to women their feelings.

“It’s life-changing, and this is a term we hear over and over again. They say they feel like they have their sense of womanhood back again,” says Marci Bowers, a surgeon based in the US.