Man Tells On How Kamiti Prisoner's Marry Each Other & Even Slaughter Bulls In Consent Of Prison Boss -

Man Tells On How Kamiti Prisoner’s Marry Each Other & Even Slaughter Bulls In Consent Of Prison Boss

Joseph Mbugua recounts his story of his life in jail after he was imprisoned at Kamiti Maximum Prison due robbery with violence.

He begins by conceding that prison is definitely not a decent spot and nobody, absolutely nobody ought to wish to make their family members or companions jailed.

Mbugua describes on how men get married to different men and even conduct a ceremonious wedding in the consent of the Officer in Charge of the facility. He alleges that the Officer in Charge is notified in advance before the wedding and even bulls are slaughtered.

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Curiously, no official can dare touch the ‘lady of the hour’ not unless if you have any desire to get a quick transfer. This is on the grounds that prisoners there have cash, lot’s of them that they even run projects outside the prison.

He proceeds and says that, assuming you are cigarette, bhang or drug junkie, you can’t help but be another rich prisoner’s wife in order to access them. The wives of the prisoners are treated in a special way, like queens and they never lack anything.