“Watu Wananiita Diamond Wa Kenya,” Says Stivo Simple Boy

The rapper hailing from Kibra has recently encountered challenges, particularly in his professional relationships. Stivo found himself in disputes with his former management after they terminated his contract.

In response to his contract termination, Stivo has expressed his intention to pursue legal action against his ex-managers, citing their refusal to relinquish control of his social media accounts. According to him, this has adversely affected the consistency of his musical output.

Stivo’s Perspective on Being Compared to Diamond Platinumz
Stivo, known for his gospel rap, creates music that appeals to audiences of all ages. Ever since his breakthrough with the hit song “Vijana ‘tuwache Mihadarati’,” he has garnered praise from fans in both Kenya and Tanzania.

In a recent interview, Stivo shared that when he visits Tanzania, fans often dub him as the “Diamond of Kenya.” This recognition has served as inspiration for him to produce impactful songs that resonate positively on the internet, similar to the influence Diamond Platinumz holds.

During the interview, Stivo acknowledged the comparisons between himself and the Bongo star, expressing gratitude to Diamond Platinumz for consistently creating what he referred to as “clean content” – a quality he strives to maintain in his own music.