“Watu Wanono hawataona mbinguni, Hawananga Huzuni”: Bishop Harrison Ngang’a Tells Ladies

The shift in social lifestyles has led many individuals facing physical challenges to seek Western methods to enhance their physical appearances.

Certain men without facial hair, driven by body shame or the loss of valuable economic opportunities, are actively exploring scientific approaches to stimulate beard growth.

In response to the widespread adoption of extreme Western physical enhancements, Archbishop Harrison Ng’ang’a of the Humorous Christian Foundation Fellowship of Churches (CFFC) is advocating for people to embrace and love their natural bodies.

In a viral video of an outdated sermon circulating on social media, Archbishop Harrison Ng’ang’a emphasizes that every person is fearfully and wonderfully made in the eyes of God.

“Those legs you’ve been given are beautiful. Hallelujah! You’re fearfully and wonderfully made. Don’t resort to taking drugs. If you take drugs and become fair-skinned, how will they recognize you in heaven? Weren’t you released into the world as a black person?” he remarks.

The Archbishop suggests that individuals with larger bodies tend to be cheerful and rarely express anger. Consequently, those with slimmer bodies should appreciate and care for themselves to maintain good health.

“If you were given a slender body, love it. If your body is large, acknowledge that you are plump, and you won’t be bothered by sadness. You see, plump people laugh without a care in the world; they have no problems,” he adds.

According to the Archbishop, some individuals willingly subject themselves to miserable and unhealthy lifestyles without recognizing the potential risks.

He asserts, “It’s pointless to have a lot of money and not eat. You must love yourself.” The Archbishop encourages individuals to invest fully in their health, both physically and spiritually