Man Behind Viral Meme, "Jina Hutaki" Appeals For Help -

Man Behind Viral Meme, “Jina Hutaki” Appeals For Help

Leonard Omusula, the man who gained fame through the popular meme “Jina Hutaki,” is now seeking assistance in finding employment to escape his life on the streets.

Several years ago, Leonard Omusula rose to internet stardom after a captivating interview with K24. During the interview, he was filmed at a location where the police had poured alcohol onto the streets. Leonard expressed his belief that the root cause of alcohol abuse was a lack of money, forcing individuals to resort to purchasing cheap alcohol. At the conclusion of the interview, he humorously asked the journalist if they were interested in knowing his name, “Jina Hutaki?” before introducing himself.

The meme featuring Leonard has since gone viral, with social media users using it to recreate various scenarios and share humorous content.

Leonard Omusula hails from Butere but has been living in Nairobi since 2007. Following the demise of his parents, he was raised by his stepmother, an experience he describes as challenging.

During an interview with Vincent Mboya, Leonard shared his difficult circumstances of living on the streets without food or money, all while having a daughter in high school who relies on his support.

He expressed, “Living on the streets was never part of my life. I am struggling without any money or food. I resorted to street life in 2007 after losing my job. I am a skilled technician and desperately need employment. I am willing to start from the bottom, even as a messenger. I simply require assistance.”

Those who are willing to help Leonard can reach out to Vincent Mboya, the content creator who conducted the interview.