Andrew Kibe is a “smart Content Creator” Diana Marua Now Praises Andrew kibe

Diana Marua, a well-known content creator, has made a public statement retracting her previous comments about controversial YouTuber Andrew Kibe. In a recent interview, Diana praised Kibe for his intelligence as a content creator and expressed her admiration for his work. She also acknowledged that Kibe had lost his job at Kiss radio and was looking for ways to make ends meet.

Bahati, another YouTuber, supported Diana’s comments and urged people not to take everything they see on social media too seriously. He explained that Kibe is skilled at using showbiz to attract his audience and that their online feud was simply part of the entertainment.

However, Diana had previously dissed Kibe in one of her songs, accusing him of being broke and suggesting that he would die in the ghetto. Kibe responded by accusing Diana of sleeping with numerous men before settling down with Bahati, whom he referred to by his nickname “Kabahanye”. Kibe also criticized Bahati for giving up his music career to focus on his wife’s content creation endeavors.

In a viral video from last year, Diana admitted to having dated men for money in the past, saying that she had done so because she lacked financial stability in her life. She also revealed that she had been a side chick to a married man whom she had really liked.

The video sparked a heated debate on social media, with many people expressing sympathy for Diana’s struggles and others criticizing her choices. Despite the controversy, Diana has continued to be a successful content creator, and her fans remain loyal to her.