8 Surprising facts about Lucy Maina of ‘Becky’ series

Lucy Maina, an accomplished Kenyan actress, has earned recognition in the entertainment industry for her outstanding performance as the lead character in the new Citizen TV show ‘Becky.’

Hailing from Nairobi, Lucy is the sole daughter in her family, surrounded by four brothers. Her educational journey commenced at Green Cottage Academy in Kiambu, but it was at Gathirimu Girls during her secondary education that she uncovered her passion for drama.

Lucy’s initiation into acting occurred when she joined the school’s drama club, securing a modest role as a tree swaying her shoulders. Despite the modest beginning, this experience ignited her love for the performing arts. The influence of individuals like Jackie Matubia, an alumna of the same school, further fueled Lucy’s passion for drama.

After completing her secondary education, Lucy faced a dilemma between her love for the arts and her interest in travel and tourism. Initially pursuing a travel and tourism course, she soon realized her true calling was in acting.

Her acting journey commenced with a church play, and she delved into auditions. Although her attempt to secure a role in the popular Kenyan TV series ‘Aunty Boss’ in 2019 was unsuccessful, Lucy’s determination paid off when she received a callback for a different role, marking the beginning of her acting career.

The pinnacle of her acting challenges came with the portrayal of Becky in the ‘Becky’ show—a character with a humble background and a history of hardships. Lucy successfully auditioned for the role, navigating emotionally intense scenes, including moments of crying, within a tight shooting schedule.

Beyond ‘Becky,’ Lucy has graced various shows and films, including ‘Crime and Justice,’ ‘Murder Camp,’ ‘Amandla,’ and ‘Second Family.’

Outside of her acting career, Lucy finds joy in nature walks, drawing inspiration and humility from the natural world. In 2022, she ventured into farming and conducted research for documentaries, showcasing her diverse interests.

Lucy’s admiration extends to accomplished actors like Brenda Wairimu, Sarah Hassan, and Viola Davis. She aspires to collaborate with these individuals in the future. For aspiring actors, Lucy underscores the significance of passion and hard work, encouraging them to invest effort to succeed in the industry. Additionally, she advises newcomers to conduct thorough research for fair opportunities.