Story of a Kenyan School Where Pupils Wear Vitenge Uniforms -

Story of a Kenyan School Where Pupils Wear Vitenge Uniforms

Nakuru County boasts the presence of an exceptional primary institution, the Children in Freedom School, which stands out for its unique approach to education and cultural appreciation. Unlike conventional schools where students typically wear sweaters, shirts, ties, and pants, Children in Freedom School embraces a distinctive dress code inspired by African culture, featuring garments like Ankara and dashiki.

The core mission of Children in Freedom School revolves around fostering a deep-rooted understanding and appreciation of African culture among its students. Simultaneously, the school equips them with the knowledge and skills to comprehend the challenges faced by the African continent and encourages them to develop innovative solutions to address these issues.

Stepping onto the school grounds, visitors are immediately struck by the captivating beauty of the students’ attire. Instead of adhering to a standard uniform, students proudly adorn themselves in African-themed apparel, serving as the official school attire. What sets this school apart even further is the practice of students referring to themselves by their African names and engaging in the study of various African languages, including Luhya, Luo, Kalenjin, Kikuyu, and Kisii, among others.

Another remarkable feature of Children in Freedom School is its early introduction of technology studies, ensuring that each student possesses an official school email address, preparing them for the digital age. In terms of academics, the school follows both the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) and the 8-4-4 curricula while also offering classes that impart essential life skills.

Founded in 2018 by Oku Kanayo and Utheri, the school’s inception was driven by a desire to challenge the prevailing international narrative that often depicts the African continent as hopeless and in need of salvation. The school is built upon fundamental principles, such as “ubunifu” (creativity), “utambuzi” (awareness), “udadisi” (curiosity), “bidii” (hard work), and “ubuntu” (collaboration).

In 2022, Children in Freedom School witnessed its inaugural cohort of Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) candidates, achieving an impressive mean grade of 355, with the highest-scoring student obtaining a remarkable score of 406.

The school’s distinctiveness and commitment to preserving African culture have earned it numerous accolades and recognition. Most notably, in June 2023, the institution was named a finalist for the T4 Education initiative’s World’s Best School Prizes Award.

As for tuition fees, Children in Freedom School offers a range of options, with fees varying from Sh 40,000 to Sh 90,000 per term, depending on whether the student opts for day or boarding facilities. This flexibility allows families to choose the best option that suits their preferences and circumstances.