“I Became A Mom In My Childhood Years” Akothee Explains Why She Behaves Like A Child In Adulthood

Akothee offered an apology for her behavior, explaining that her actions might appear unusual for someone her age. She delved into her past, shedding light on her actions and mindset.

In a reflective moment, Akothee shared an old photograph featuring her and her children. She revealed that a significant portion of her earlier years was dedicated to the role of being a mother.

She stated, “I apologize if my actions seem unconventional for my age. Please understand that my youth was largely consumed by the responsibilities of parenting. I took on the roles of both a father and mother for my three daughters throughout my 20s. I spent my entire 30s in pursuit of financial stability. Now, in my 40s, I’m embarking on a new chapter in life. If you were to inquire about my age, my heart and body may feel like they’re in their 20s, but my mind is that of a mature and intelligent 40-year-old woman who knows precisely what she wants in life. Being a single mother has taught me to differentiate between disappointments and heartbreaks, and I’ve developed a sense of humor about it.”

Akothee went on to mention that she has experienced a lot in life and has reached a point where she can no longer be heartbroken. She humorously commented, “Why worry about heartbreak when you’ve been through so much? How many hearts do you even have? The character development I’ve undergone has left me resilient against heartbreak. You should focus on making money to understand that emotions are the least of your concerns.”

She then touched on the concept of heartbreak among single mothers, emphasizing that it’s not a long-lasting ordeal. Akothee highlighted that if you haven’t experienced the heartbreak of single parenthood, it’s difficult to grasp the true meaning of it. She quipped that unless you’re the sole provider, you might find yourself missing out on luxuries and daily necessities.

Akothee concluded by stating, “Single mothers truly understand the trials of heartbreak. Have you ever been abandoned with three children to feed, no job, and no education? Your energy levels won’t plummet until you hear someone calling your name. We’ve been through so much that we’ve even given birth to children of different ethnicities, and yet the pain lingers. Heartbreaks are for teenagers; I doubt they’re accompanied by heart attacks!”