“Unakasirika Na Wewe Ndo Ulisema Umekulwa Na 27 Men” Andrew Kibe tells Kamene Goro -

“Unakasirika Na Wewe Ndo Ulisema Umekulwa Na 27 Men” Andrew Kibe tells Kamene Goro

On August 27, 2018, Kamene caused a stir nationwide by revealing that she had been involved with 27 men at the young age of 26.

During a whiskey challenge session called True or False at NRG studios, Kamene, Andrew Kibe, and Prezzo engaged in a discussion where Kamene disclosed this information.

Recently, a bold journalist inquired about Kamene’s “body count,” alluding to a public confession she made four years ago about her encounters with 27 men.

The question hit Kamene hard, visibly distressing the 31-year-old. She insisted on being respected in the presence of her husband before launching a verbal attack on the female journalist.

Andrew Kibe responded to the interview by criticizing Kamene for getting upset about the question regarding her number of partners, considering she was the one who shared the information about the large number of men she had been involved with.

“This is my advice to you, Kamene. I know you’ve been waiting for this advice. Here it is, straight and unfiltered. You need to come to terms with the fact that you engaged in those experiences, okay? Make peace with it. Say, ‘Listen, I mentioned 27, and we don’t need to know more than that.’ That’s it, make peace with it,” Andrew Kibe advised Kamene.

“And then, turn it into comedy. Crack jokes when people ask you that silly question. But don’t let it affect you to the point where it becomes the only content people associate with you,” he added.