Father Catches His 2 Daughters Working as Prostitutes After Entering Nairobi club to Enjoy -
Father Catches His 2 Daughters Working as Prostitutes After Entering Nairobi Nightclub to Enjoy
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Father Catches His 2 Daughters Working as Prostitutes After Entering Nairobi club to Enjoy

Parents of two daughters who went to their course in one of the private universities in Nairobi were left in a rude shock after they caught their daughters red-handed wearing short clothes in a nightclub, together with them, were three men who proved to be their esteemed customers.

Recapping the incident, the mother of the girls said that it all started when the girls joined the same university to gain knowledge, despite doing different courses, the girls were so much in love that anybody would mistake them for twins, at first they could come home when schools closed, but it reached a moment when the girls could rarely come home despite the school having holidays and when they came, they could look for excuses that could make them go back to school.

This made the mother of the girls draw blank lines wondering what the girls might be doing in school that kept them so much engrossed in the city. One day she bumped on a whiskey bottle but chose not to believe it was theirs, she alternatively imagined that it belonged to her boys who could party at home often.

Due to a feeling that they could be something wrong, the couple decided to pay an impromptu visit to the city and find out what their daughters were doing, unfortunately, somebody informed the girls about their parents paying a visit, so they went ahead and switched off their phones. It was very hard tracing them but luckily a person who knows the girls very well told them about their behavior, it is from there that they learned about their daughters relocating, the elder one was living in Kawangware while the younger one in Kangemi.

Since their trip was to find their daughters, they did not leave the city, they visited few clubs on their first day, but their mission was unsuccessful, on the second day, their efforts bore no fruits but luckily on the third day, they found the two girls in one of the nightclubs wearing very short clothes, besides them were men suggestively holding them, the father did not want even to have a second look, he just broke down and went into the car.

The two were taken to the car and asked why they behaved that way, they however looked guilty only to run away the second day and continue with the job they were used to do. The parents tried looking for them but this time around, they did not find them. After long hours of searching, they found where the elder one was living, surprisingly she had two children and a man who was not the father of the kids.

The mother was forced to take her grandchildren to Kitui since the two were drunkards. After a while, the elder daughter was beaten to death after it was alleged that she was walking with somebody else’s lover. Burial was conducted at home and surprisingly, the younger daughter attended the funeral only to leave the compound the following day.

Since then, the mother has tried to plead to her daughter to come home but all she says is that her parents did not expose her to men at a tender age, now that she is an adult, she wants to explore every man that comes to her way. The heartbroken mother has tried everything to plead with her but nothing happens, she even visited a witch doctor but it turned worse, she now prays that one day her daughter will come home so that she can take her to school and start again.