“Hapa Ni Moto Tu” Randy Man Shows Singer Nandy His Erect “MJULUBENG” On Instagram Live Stream

The entire series of events unfolded when Faustina Charles Mfinaga, also known as Nandy, requested her fans to share their stories of heartbreak with her.

Nandy herself was grappling with emotional pain after ending her on-again, off-again relationship with her long-term partner, William Lyimo, popularly known as Billnass.

After getting married in a traditional ceremony in February 2022, Nandy announced on March 22nd that she was deeply hurt by Billnass, leading to their separation.

Still bearing the burden of heartbreak, Nandy took to Instagram Live on April 4th, seeking to engage her fans by encouraging them to share their own heart-wrenching experiences.

However, the session took an unexpected turn when a male fan disrupted the atmosphere with his unsettling contribution. He recounted his story, expressing how he had been heartbroken multiple times by women who left him due to his financial struggles.

The man further confessed that he had lost faith in love altogether, resorting to brief encounters rather than pursuing genuine relationships.

He shared, “Mapenzi yameniumiza sana, zaidi ya wawili wameniacha. Kisa hela sina. Sahi siwezi kuwa na mapenzi tena kwa mwanamke. Nachofanya mimi napita nao tu,” which translates to “Love has caused me great pain; more than two have left me because of my lack of financial resources. Now, I can no longer have genuine feelings for a woman. I simply engage in fleeting encounters.”

In a misguided attempt to prove his claim as a self-proclaimed womanizer, the man shockingly exposed his erect genitalia to Nandy, stating, “Hapa ni moto tu,” meaning “This is the fire,” as he displayed his arousal.