Murang’a Man Given A Dog’s Beating By Women After He Was Busted Sniffing Panties On The Clotheline.

Residents of Kangari town, Murang’a County were treated to an afternoon drama after area women busted a man sniffing their panties hunged on the clothelines.

According to the residents, the man who has since been identified as James Irungu was seen entering an apartment and headed to the top floor where clothes were hunged.

He was busted by a lady who had gone undo her already dry clothes where she saw an unknown individuals and raised the alarm.

The residents answered her calls and the man was found with one pant on his hand while sniffing others that were hunged.

Irungu was then paraded around the small town while receiving constant hot slaps from the agitated ladies who said that their panties have been going missing mysteriously.

I have lost 10 panties since I came to this place. This man here should be burnt alive to serve as an example,

said an angry tenant.

The residents said that cases of theft are on the rise in the area and called on to the authorities to beef up security in the small town.