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TZ Bongo Star Zuchu’s banger hit ‘KwiKwi’ makes history, hits 50M views on YouTube

Zuchu, the Tanzanian sensation, has once again left an indelible mark on the pages of musical history, her captivating melodies igniting the digital stage with over 50 million views on YouTube.

With the dance-infused spectacle of her enchanting anthem “Kwikwi,” she has orchestrated a symphony of triumph, surpassing an impressive 50 million views on YouTube, a feat unparalleled in East Africa. Zuchu proudly claims the title of the first female artist to ascend to such celestial heights.

Under the esteemed banner of WCB Wasafi Records, Zuchu has become a virtuoso of milestones, consistently breaking barriers since her signing in 2020 by the illustrious Diamond Platnumz.

In a crescendo of victory, her anthem “Sukari” achieved a monumental milestone, crossing the threshold of 100 million views on YouTube. This accomplishment not only solidifies her status as an icon but also marks her as the first artist from East Africa to achieve such monumental acclaim.

In March 2024, the WCB signee once again made history with her hit song “#Sukari,” reaching a record-breaking 100 million views. Overflowing with joy, Zuchu exclaimed, “History has been made today. 100 million views of Sukari make me the first artist from East Africa to achieve such success with a solo song.”

“Sukari” remains a masterpiece that has significantly transformed my life and today, it has etched a significant mark in the history of East African music. Three years ago, we released a hit, and today, we celebrate its monumental success,” she added.

This milestone cements her position as the crème de la crème of East African music and establishes her as the foremost female artist in the region. Alongside her innate singing talent, Zuchu credits much of her success to the unwavering support of her mentor, Diamond Platnumz, whose guidance has propelled her to global recognition and numerous accolades.