Meteorological Department in Kenya says No Severe Flooding

The Kenya Meteorological Department has provided assurance to the public regarding the likelihood of severe flooding in the country in the upcoming days. Despite this, certain regions, including Western Kenya, parts of the Rift Valley, Central Kenya, and the coastal strip, are expected to continue experiencing rainfall.

The department attributes the reduced risk of severe flooding to the fact that the peak of the rainy season occurred in April. However, intermittent rainfall is still expected in the mentioned areas.

Encouraging outdoor activities, meteorologists emphasized that game parks should generally remain accessible and encouraged people to enjoy their vacations.

Yesterday’s weather forecast indicated that rainfall would persist in the highlands East and West of the Rift Valley, the Lake Victoria Basin, and the Rift Valley. Conversely, parts of the Coast, Northeastern, and Northwestern Kenya are expected to face high average daytime temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius. However, some areas in the Central Highlands may experience low average nighttime temperatures dropping below 10°C.

Looking forward to Saturday, there will be a notable decrease in rainfall across various regions, although occasional showers are still expected in Western, Rift Valley, Central Kenya, and the Lake Victoria Basin.

The forecast suggests that most parts of the country will experience sunny intervals, with reduced rainfall anticipated in different regions. However, intermittent rainfall is also expected in Western, Rift Valley, Central Kenya, and the Lake Victoria Basin.