Stivo Simple Boy is stressed, needs food and House,details emerge after Fainting

The Kenyan community has rallied behind the artist Stivo Simple Boy following his collapse during a live interview on Citizen TV’s youth show, 10 over 10.

Stivo Simple Boy’s sudden fainting spell during an interview with Azeezah left both viewers and audience members in disbelief, unsure of how to react to the alarming situation.

In response to the incident, Philip Etale, the communications chief of the ODM party, took to social media, urging Kenyans to come together and raise funds to build a house for Stivo Simple Boy. Concerns have also been raised about the artist’s health, with some speculating that he had not eaten and was under significant stress.

“Let’s unite and contribute whatever we can to build Stivo Simple Boy a home and improve his quality of life. It’s disheartening to see him suffer when collectively, we can lend a helping hand,” Etale expressed on social media.

In the midst of this, Trevor, the former boyfriend of Eve Mungai and a director, suggested that Stivo Simple Boy explore alternative revenue streams such as content creation, offering to manage him. He highlighted the lack of adequate compensation in the music industry as a source of stress for the artist.

Meanwhile, Stivo Simple Boy himself addressed the situation publicly, attributing his collapse to his manager’s departure. He stated that his manager, Chingiboy Mstado, had left him, causing him stress and ultimately leading to his collapse during the televised interview.

“I urge my manager to come back so we can resume work. I’ve been drained of energy, and people shouldn’t blame me for collapsing on stage during performances. Stress is taking a toll on me, and you’re trying to ruin me even further by targeting my manager,” Stivo Simple Boy voiced his frustration.