“You are famous, broke and foolish” – Ezekiel Mutua’s fight with Sylvia Ssaru escalates

Ezekiel Mutua, the CEO of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), and rapper Sylvia Ssaru continue to engage in a heated exchange following Mutua’s initial criticism of the popular song “Kaskie Vibaya.”

In a lengthy Facebook post, Mutua launched a verbal attack on Ssaru for disregarding the advice of elders and accomplished professionals. He accused her of prioritizing the online public’s approval, only to be abandoned when they move on to the next trend.

Mutua further warned Ssaru about the consequences of associating with vulgarity, explaining that major corporations would avoid working with her. As a result, she would miss out on lucrative business opportunities.

“After gaining fame through vulgar and foolish acts disguised as creativity, you find yourself broke and struggling to make ends meet. By dismissing advice from wise individuals and elders, you lack a coach, mentor, or agent to manage your talent. Moreover, due to your projected image of a wealthy and arrogant artist, people are hesitant to offer assistance. You are also afraid to seek help because you burned bridges while reveling in the empty glory of social media,” retorted Mutua.

The MCSK CEO emphasized that his advice to Ssaru stems from love and honesty. He expressed his desire to witness her, as well as other artists, create content that appeals to a wider audience.

“Allow me to speak to you as a father today. Dismissing advice from those who genuinely care about your well-being is the first step towards self-destruction. While explicit content may sell, it primarily appeals to perverted individuals. The majority of the market, especially here in Kenya, consists of decent people who prefer not to listen to explicit music, especially in mixed company or around children. Despite their imperfections, most parents are concerned about their children and the content they consume. They do not want their children exposed to explicit material,” Mutua conveyed.

Mutua had initially criticized Ssaru’s collaboration with Father Moh in the song “Kaskie Vibaya,” citing its promotion of moral decay in society.

In response, Ssaru defended herself, stating that she creates content for various audiences. She advised Mutua to familiarize himself with her songs by visiting her YouTube channel.