” Triomio ni Babangu” A 32 Years Old girl Claims.

Kenya is no stranger to sensational stories, and following the recent trending narratives surrounding Krg’s alleged paternity issues, the spotlight has now shifted to the youngest rapper, Triomio. The latest twist involves a 32-year-old woman, Ngeus wa Githomo, who boldly asserts that Triomio is her father and accuses him of neglect.

In an interview with an online media outlet, Ngeus wa Githomo confidently shared her claim of being Triomio’s daughter and lamented his alleged neglect. However, the credibility of her assertion quickly came into question when it was revealed that Triomio completed high school in 2022 and is merely 18 years old, set to turn 19 in 2023. The arithmetic dissonance between their ages raised doubts about the woman’s narrative, considering she is 32 years old, indicating she was born before Triomio.

In an attempt to defend her seemingly implausible claim, Ngeus wa Githomo attributed the situation to divine intervention, stating that God works in mysterious ways. Drawing a parallel with the biblical story of the virgin birth of Mary, she argued that if such miraculous events could occur, then her assertion about Triomio being her father could also be valid.

Despite the perplexity surrounding the situation, Ngeus wa Githomo concluded her statements by extending a bizarre Father’s Day greeting to Triomio. She urged him to answer her calls and re-enter her life. This peculiar incident highlights the increasing trend of clout chasing in Kenya, where individuals seek attention and notoriety through sensational claims and actions. The unpredictability and eccentricity of such narratives have become somewhat normalized in the Kenyan social landscape.