Cutest Gospel Artist Masterpiece: Vile Niliokoka Ndio Nilianza Kuvuta Bangi.

One of Kenya’s most renowned and beloved gospel artists, celebrated for both his musical talent and charming demeanor, recently stirred controversy online by releasing a secular song in collaboration with Scar Mkadinali.

The track, titled ‘Airbnb,’ was inspired by the unfortunate incidents occurring in Kenya, where several women have faced assault and even lost their lives in Airbnb accommodations. Masterpiece and Scar Mkadinali chose to address this issue through their music.

What caught many by surprise, however, were the lyrics penned by Masterpiece. In the song, he confidently admits to having started smoking marijuana after undergoing a spiritual rebirth. The revelation in the lyrics implies that prior to his conversion, he refrained from such habits. “Vile Niliokoka Ndio Nilianza Kuvuta Bangi,” he asserts while casually indulging in smoking.

Masterpiece had gained widespread acclaim as one of the top gospel artists in Kenya from 2015 to 2020, consistently producing music with a religious focus. However, a noticeable shift occurred in 2022 when he began to evolve his musical style, ultimately transitioning to the release of secular music in 2023.

This trajectory mirrors that of Mr Seed, another gospel artist who made a similar transition to secular music. The common thread between their shifts is attributed to the challenging landscape for gospel artists in Kenya. There is a scarcity of gospel shows, and the remuneration for such performances is significantly lower compared to opportunities in clubs and secular events. This financial aspect, coupled with limited platforms for gospel artists, has led notable figures like Masterpiece and Mr Seed to explore the secular music scene as a viable alternative.