“Hii machine yako iko tamu sana ata bwana yangu hawezi kufikia kwa sex game yako,” my wife said while having sex with a boda boda rider

My name is Eliud and I was a businessman running a successful butchery business which would provide my wife and two children a very good life. My wife on the other hand was a stay at home wife since I was earning enough to support my entire household.

Time and again, I would send some shopping or meat to her during the day through a boda boda guy whom I had a forged a friendship with. Even when I did not have money, he would still take the goods to my wife. We had known each other for quite some time and I had begun trusting him. Is Adultery a Crime in Nigeria? - Tekedia

Last weekend, as usual, my wife told me she needed some farm fertilizers since she was farming. I, therefore, called the boda boda guy to come to transport the fertilizer to my wife at home. He came swiftly and I gave him all the goods that my wife had asked for.

After around an hour, the boda boda guy had not yet come back to pick his dues and I got concerned because I thought something bad had happened to him. I called my wife to ask her if she had received the fertilizers but she was also not picking and I got really restless. I decided to go home which was in the interior since I worked at the town centre.

I arrived home 20 minutes later and from the gate, I could notice that my house was locked from the inside. While at the front of the door, I heard some sexual moans coming from the bedroom and on listening closer I realized that it was my wife having sex with that boda boda guy.

“Hii machine yako iko tamu sana ata bwana yangu hawezi kufikia kwa sex game yako,” I heard my wife say while moaning. I was so infuriated. I wanted to storm in there and beat the hell out of them but I remembered of a better idea.

I had heard about Doctor Mugwenu who is a traditional spell caster and could teach cheating couples a lesson with his amazing spells. I called one of my friends who sent me the number and I called the doctor immediately. List Of 10 Most Adulterous Countries In The World, #1 Is A Very Religious  Country – The Whistler Newspaper

I ordered the sticking spell for glueing my wife to the boda boda guy and suddenly, after it was cast, the both got stuck to each other and started screaming to the top of their lungs in pain. I got in there and they were so startled to see me.

My wife cried so hard as she begged me to forgive her and also unstuck her. Daktari unstuck them some few hours later and I beat up the boda boda guy for disrespecting me.

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How to Prevent Cheating Using Love Spell

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