“My Man has been sleeping with his Mother and his Sister with his Father, it was a 2 way Traffic” Shiku Says.

Josephine Wanjiku, widely recognized as Shiku Goalkeeper from Githurai, has endured significant challenges in her marital journey, revealing a distressing tale of infidelity within her family. Shiku recounts the shocking discovery that her husband was engaged in an illicit relationship with his own mother, while simultaneously her sister was involved with Shiku’s father.

Shiku’s narrative begins with the coerced marriage to her husband upon realizing she was pregnant. Abandoning her football career, she chose to build a family with her husband in their rural residence. Initially welcomed warmly by her husband’s mother and siblings, the atmosphere soured over time, with mistreatment becoming a daily ordeal. Despite being the sole provider and supporting the family, Shiku faced resentment from her husband’s jobless siblings, who constantly reminded her of her marital connection to their brother.

The deteriorating living conditions led Shiku and her husband to relocate to Ruai, settling in a three-bedroom rental house on the father’s property. However, this decision backfired when, at the instigation of her mother-in-law, Shiku was forcibly expelled in the middle of the night.

Driven by a desire for clarity, Shiku confronted her mother-in-law about the animosity. To her shock, the mother-in-law revealed the dark secret tearing the family apart – an incestuous web of relationships within the household. The mother-in-law confessed to sharing an intimate relationship with Shiku’s husband, while also disclosing that Shiku’s husband was involved with Shiku’s own sister. In a grotesque revelation, it became apparent that the family members were entangled in a complex network of sexual relationships, constituting a disturbing “two-way traffic.”

Overwhelmed by the disturbing revelations, Shiku made the courageous decision to confront her husband and subsequently chose to leave the marriage. The profound sense of a cursed family compelled her to sever ties and seek a new path, free from the entanglements of a deeply troubled household.