Vera Sidika Announces plans To Have More Children ,Lakini wakuwe wanakaa brown mauzo-“I Want More Babies”

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has recently expressed her eagerness to expand her family, despite maintaining her decision to refrain from marriage. The emerging entrepreneur recently commemorated the birthday of her youngest son, an occasion that has deepened her affection for children.

Her son, Ice Brown, whom she shares with musician Brown Mauzo, turned one recently, and Vera, along with her co-parent and a host of prominent social media figures and celebrities, celebrated the milestone with great enthusiasm.

The birthday festivities were meticulously planned, leaving no detail overlooked. Vera ensured there were ample entertainment options for the children, abundant food and drinks, and even hired performers dressed as cartoon characters to engage the young guests.

Reflecting on the joyous occasion the following morning, Vera couldn’t contain her delight as she recounted the festivities. Watching her children unwrap gifts filled her with gratitude and a profound love for motherhood.

“I’m absolutely enamored with my little ones,” Vera exclaimed, punctuating her sentiment with heart-eyed emojis. “It’s beyond words—I want more children. I simply adore being a mother,” she wrote, accompanied by a wistful emoji and puppy dog eyes.