“Kama Nimemkula Ni Mbaya?kweli” 2Mbili Opens Up On Smashing Ngesh

Content creator 2Mbili has chosen to address the circulating allegations concerning his relationship with emerging gengetone artist Ngesh, known for her popular track “Kaveve Kazoze.” The rumors suggest a clandestine affair and assert that 2Mbili was involved intimately with the up-and-coming rapper to boost her brand.

In response to the accusations, 2Mbili adopts a defiant stance, expressing no remorse towards those who harbor negative sentiments against him. He adamantly maintains that there is nothing to conceal and vehemently refutes the assertions of exploiting Ngesh.

Contrary to the allegations, 2Mbili clarifies that he invested nearly Ksh 10,000 in Ngesh and facilitated several brand deals on her behalf. He explains that his actions were motivated by a desire to promote Ngesh and provide her with a platform to gain recognition.

2Mbili underscores that Ngesh’s song, in collaboration with the Spider Gang, had already garnered significant viral attention. Hence, he believed it was crucial to contribute to ensuring that people had the chance to genuinely appreciate her talent.

Regarding the speculation about a romantic involvement with Ngesh, 2Mbili neither confirms nor denies it. He points out that Ngesh is legally an adult, being over 18 years old, and asserts that if both parties desire an intimate relationship, it is a possibility.

2Mbili emphasizes that there is no wrongdoing involved, as they are two consenting adults making decisions about their personal lives.