POLYCARP IGATHE admits SAKAJA might beat him in August but vows to run away with the victory.

Nairobi Azimio gubernatorial wannabe Polycarp Igathe has recognized Kenya Kwanza candidate Johnson Sakaja as a commendable competitor in the forthcoming August ninth General Election.

Talking when the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) gave him the Private Sector Economic Manifesto for Nairobi County, Igathe indirectly admitted that Sakaja is too strong and good and might give him a run for his money.

In any case, he promised to do his absolute best to ensure he runs with the victory.

Igathe communicated confidence in beating Sakaja on the ballot in the August polls.

“Johnson Sakaja is a worthy competitor, but he is not my enemy. He is a Kenyan who is putting himself up for candidature just as I have. When I win on August 10, I will work with him. I will consult him because I am beating him at 8:57 am,” Igathe added.

With super durable interest on the most fundamental level, Igathe added that working with the Kenya Kwanza Coalition candidate will be the benefit of Nairobi occupants.

“Let’s not fight, let us continue to listen to one another and campaign in peace. We are one united indivisible country called Kenya and politics is not enmity,” he said.