CassyPool: Ni Uongo in 2002 Krg Alikuwa na Garage, He is 53 Years Now. -

CassyPool: Ni Uongo in 2002 Krg Alikuwa na Garage, He is 53 Years Now.

In light of the viral story surrounding Krg and his alleged daughter, Yvonne Njoki, controversial content creator and former presidential aspirant, Cassy Pool, decided to share his perspective. Cassy Pool expressed his support for Mama Yvonne, asserting that Krg is indeed the biological father of Yvonne Njoki.

During an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Cassy Pool presented a hard copy photo of Krg and Yvonne Njoki, initiating the discussion by asking random strangers their opinion on their resemblance.

The majority of the strangers in Nairobi CBD agreed that Krg and Yvonne bore a striking resemblance to each other, indicating a potential biological connection. This served as evidence that Krg may be withholding information from the public.

Cassy Pool argued against the need for a DNA test, urging Krg to accept Yvonne and treat her as he would his other children. He believed that Krg’s attempts to justify himself were unnecessary, as the resemblance between them could be easily observed.

Earlier, Krg had claimed in an interview that during the year Yvonne was born, he was in primary six in Kilgoris. Cassy Pool refuted this statement, pointing out that in 2002, Krg the Don already had a garage and could vividly recall his activities during that time.

Additionally, Cassy Pool disputed Krg’s claim of being 30 years old, suggesting that he was actually older, around 53 years of age. While Krg’s skin tone might make him appear younger, in reality, he was an older man. This information led Cassy Pool to believe that there was a higher likelihood of Yvonne being Krg’s daughter.