Mzungu Lady Desperately Searching for a Man to Marry, Offers Sh 700,000 as Prize Gift -

Mzungu Lady Desperately Searching for a Man to Marry, Offers Sh 700,000 as Prize Gift

Eve Tilley-Coulso, a 35-year-old white woman, has taken an extraordinary route in her pursuit of marriage by offering an eye-catching reward of Sh 700,000 million to anyone who can help her find a husband.

In a viral video that has captured widespread attention, Eve has expressed her openness to matchmaking and the substantial sum she is willing to pay for a successful union.

Having been single for the past five years, Eve is eager to find a life partner and embark on the journey of marriage.

Acknowledging that the duration of the marriage is not the most significant factor, her determination remains steadfast in honoring her promise of a Sh 700,000 million reward to the person who introduces her to her future husband.

In an interview with the New York Post, Eve shared her preference for a tall partner, emphasizing that this is the primary physical requirement she seeks.

As a tall woman herself, she has encountered insecurities from previous partners who requested her not to wear heels, leaving her feeling unsettled. Therefore, finding a partner who appreciates and accepts her height has become a priority for Eve.

Despite reaching out to her friends about her quest for a husband, they have thus far been unable to find a suitable match for her.

Determined to explore all avenues in her pursuit of love, she has now extended her offer to the wider public, hoping that someone will come forward and fulfill her genuine desire for companionship.

Eve Tilley-Coulso’s unique approach to finding a life partner has piqued curiosity and sparked conversations, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to embracing unconventional methods to achieve her heartfelt dream of a loving marriage.