Tosh Of Machachari Opens Up On Why He Has Been Single For The Past Eight Years

Actor Tosh who appeared in the now defunct Machachari show has for the first time revealed why he has been single for the longest time. The talented thespian whose real name is Samuel Okore made the lengthy post on his Instagram story where he revealed that he made the decision to be single back in 2011 until a time when he would be ready to marry. But then, according to the TV star, he is contemplating about breaching the declaration as he admitted on his Instagram story.

“I didn’t need to date till I get to a point where i want to marry. But now its all different, hopefully it stays that way when I get a good one.” Tosh wrote.

The ex-Machachari actor even joked that it was difficult for him coping with the cold and vowed to find a partner as soon as his ‘things’ will be aligned.


Some few years back, the 21-year-old actor was rumuored to be dating one Christine Jahenda whom he was occasionally spotted with, but then, Tosh insisted that they were just good friends and no other attachment existed between them. Among some Machachari actors who featured alongside Tosh include Tyler Mbaya, Malik Lemmy, Natasha Ngegie among others.


Interestingly, most of these Machachari thespians have kept their relationships under wraps for the longest time except Tyler Mbaya who had been engaged to one Georgina Njenga. However, the lovebirds also announced their breakup few weeks ago and the relationship status in this case still remains uncertain. In regard to Tosh’s story, do you think he made a right decision, and should he continue maintaining it or not? Share your thoughts and reactions in the comments section below.