Bad News To Teachers After The Government Demands Diploma Teachers To Upgrade To Degree Or Quit Work

Every profession has its own code of conduct and code of ethics which govern it. Taking law for example, for one to qualify to practice law, they must undergo the degree training for the same. Later undertake another training from the national law firm and be issued with a certificate to practice.

On medicine, professionals are subjected to occasional and contractual trainings and for each, a certificate is issued. This is a practice which is common in many professional bodies.

But in the education sector, it has been a custom in which teachers are issued with only one certificate after being employed. There are few optional or no refresher courses until retirement. Similarly, one could be employed as a teacher with just a certificate or diploma training.

But the government of Uganda through the Commission for teacher education has announced that all teachers should upgrade to degree level of learning. A teacher who will not upgrade from diploma to degree will automatically be forced out of the profession.

This comes at a time when the government of Kenyan banned the P1 certificate for primary school teachers.