African maid falls from 7th floor as her Arab boss laughs, refuses to help and takes her phone to record

An incident in Kuwait recently captured on film involves a maid plummeting from the seventh floor of a building, with the shocking revelation that she claims she was attempting to escape from a woman who sought to end her life.

The distressing footage shows an Ethiopian domestic worker desperately clinging to the outer ledge of a window with one hand, pleading for assistance by shouting, “hold me, hold me!” The person behind the camera, reportedly her Kuwaiti employer, recorded the harrowing scene. Shockingly, the employer did not make any effort to aid the maid but callously remarked, “Oh, crazy, come back.” This heartless response was later shared on social media.

Despite the severity of the fall, the maid miraculously survived with only a broken arm and injuries to her nose and ears, sustained when she collided with a metal awning during her descent, as reported by the al-Seyassah newspaper.

The incident has triggered strong reactions on social media, with users expressing a range of sentiments. @Reviewheadoffice lamented the plight of migrant workers, attributing their vulnerability to the actions of unscrupulous African leaders. @Unervingservingmusic called for the accountability of the woman filming the incident, stating that she should face legal consequences. Meanwhile, @Hamooudi7 pointed out the disturbing nature of the employer labeling the maid as “crazy” just moments before her fall, suggesting potential involvement in the incident. The online discourse reflects a mix of sadness, demands for justice, and suspicions surrounding the circumstances of the fall.