Nyeri women love for boda boda ‘ride’: Vibrations it emits leaves them highly aroused

It is undeniable that the services offered by Boda boda operators have transformed the transportation industry in the country. However, a new issue has arisen in Nyeri County where the relationship between women and Boda boda operators is becoming less professional. This is leading many men in the area to forbid their wives and girlfriends from using the service.

Tim Kinyanjui, a Boda boda operator in Nyeri town, shared that women are his most loyal customers because they are looking for more than just a ride home. He said, “Many of the women I carry prefer to pay for a Boda boda because of the vibrations it emits, especially when they are sitting astride. This often leaves them highly aroused.”

Kinyanjui explains that many women arrive at their destination unable to control themselves and offer the Boda boda rider more than just the fare for the ride. He says, “They sometimes ask me to go into their home for a cup of tea, claiming to be looking for the fare. Others are straightforward and demand sex.”

The operator also mentions that most Boda boda riders have become so accustomed to this phenomenon that they carry condoms in their toolboxes. “Almost all Boda boda operators now go to work prepared with condoms hidden in their toolboxes, because they are not able to resist the advances of their randy female passengers,” he said with a laugh.

Another Boda boda rider, Michael Kimani, shared that they have even come up with ways to increase the vibration on their motorcycles. “When you want to arouse your passenger, you keep the bike on gear 2 and delay putting it on gear 3. This gives more vibration, which is what makes women aroused,” he explained.

Kimani also notes that not only are the women aroused but the riders are affected by the way the women grab their waist for support. He says, “There is a way a woman can grab your waist and press her chest against your back that can drive any man crazy.”

Despite the concerns of many men, the Boda boda industry continues to provide employment opportunities for young men in a challenging job market. Additionally, it is a convenient and affordable mode of transportation for both men and women.

Josephine Muthoni, a frequent Boda boda user, says she prefers it over other forms of transport because it is faster and more convenient. When asked if she felt aroused while riding, she says that while it was exciting, it was not the reason she preferred motorcycle rides.

However, most of the men we spoke to expressed that they would not allow their wives or girlfriends to be frequent Boda boda users. John Kamuri says, “I don’t trust the riders because they take advantage of women and have ways of enticing them. I would prefer my wife to walk or take a matatus or a taxi.”

In conclusion, while the Boda boda industry has made a significant economic contribution, a new social phenomenon is starting to affect it. As for the Boda boda operators, it is only a matter of time before they have to decide whether to offer more than just a ride home.