Jalang’o Shows 2023 Range Rover Worth 45 Million, Responds to Critics Saying He is Using Taxpayer’s Money

Jalango has refuted allegations that he intends to use public funds to purchase his dream car. The Langata MP shared an image of his desired vehicle on his Instagram stories and expressed his commitment to working hard in order to acquire it.

The car in question is a 2023 Range Rover, valued at approximately 30 to 45 million Kenyan shillings, depending on its specifications.

When Nairobi Gossip Club posted about this on Instagram, fans wasted no time in criticizing Jalango. One fan sarcastically commented, “Just go ahead and steal it, talking about manifestation, what a joke.”

Others expressed their opinions as follows:

“Haha! Politicians using our money for their manifestations, how amusing.”

“This is our tax money crying in despair.”

“All the money from Langata seems to be going there.”

“3% of the housing finance will buy these MPs plenty of Range Rovers.”

Jalango swiftly responded to these comments and wrote, “Why should I steal something I can purchase with the earnings from my YouTube channel? It’s all about hard work, product placement, watch time, advertisements, squeeze backs, and monetized content on my channel.”

He further explained that working in the government doesn’t necessarily mean gaining wealth unless one secures substantial tenders. According to Jalango, if someone enters politics solely for financial gain, they will struggle immensely.

“Working in the government feels like a terrible curse! As soon as you get involved, everyone sees you as a thief! It’s like a woman waking up in the morning to work but being told there’s a man footing the bill! If you’re in politics to make money, you’ll face significant challenges unless you’re fortunate enough to secure those lucrative government tenders! CDF (Constituency Development Fund) should be your priority, and don’t forget, the CDF board controls every cent in the account! Remember, you don’t even have signing authority for the account! You might end up poorer in parliament than you were in private practice! I saw someone saying a YouTube channel can’t buy this car! Yes, it can, and you’ll even have some change left! My channel was monetized through views, and I had seven sponsors for every show, apart from the monetized content on YouTube! Get your facts straight! I simply want to mentor and guide a few young individuals on how to make money in these streets.”