Harmonize Introduces His New Cute Rwandese Girlfriend (pictures)

Tanzanian musician, Harmonize, has announced that he has found love again. He recently shared pictures of his new girlfriend, Phiona, revealing that they have been close friends for four years. Harmonize expressed how great it is to have someone by your side in a world where money and fame can make everything complicated.

The ‘Single Again’ hitmaker showered Phiona with praises, saying that no other girl he has ever dated can compare to her. He even revealed his plans of purchasing a house in Kigali, Rwanda, to be closer to her. This move comes after he recently replaced his ex-girlfriend’s tattoo with a tattoo of Mount Kilimanjaro. The singer stated that he thought he was done getting tattoos, but now he is considering getting Phiona’s face tattooed on his body.

Earlier this year, after his breakup with Kajala Frida, Harmonize had stated that he was not ready to fall in love again. He said that many beautiful women had tried to make him fall in love,

but his heart was cold. However, it seems that Harmonize has healed from his past relationship and is ready to move on and love again.

The singer has asked his fans to pray for him so that this newfound love will last. He hopes to one day be able to love someone’s daughter fully.