“Hii Kitu Yake Kubwa Kama Ya Punda Itanimaliza” ,Nyeri Woman Divorce Husband Over Big “MJULUBENG”

In the Mjengo area of Nyeri County, a woman recently initiated divorce proceedings against her newlywed husband, citing an unusual reason – his exceptionally large genitalia. Local reports provide details of the housewife and mother-of-three’s plea to dissolve the marriage based on her husband’s oversized organ.

Their divorce was swiftly granted within a week by a legal court, in accordance with Kenyan law that recognizes their union as legally married. The woman shared that she entered into this marriage following the breakdown of her previous one.

According to local customs, as part of the man’s tradition, the bride resided in his parents’ house before moving into her husband’s home. However, it was only during their first intimate encounter that she claimed to have experienced distress.

Expressing her discomfort in court, she stated, “It’s strange; I can no longer find pleasure with him. His organ is unbearable—it’s too large for me. I can’t continue with this anymore.” The court, sympathetic to her plea, granted the divorce, providing the husband with the relief he sought.

After their initial attempt at intimacy, the woman confided in her mother, who advised her to endure, assuring her that with time, she would adapt. Despite following her mother’s advice and taking medication, the woman asserted that subsequent attempts at intimacy were too agonizing.

The woman maintains that, despite their efforts, the pain persisted, leading the couple to mutually agree to end their marriage. The husband did not contest the allegations and expressed willingness to dissolve the union, provided that his dowry and the money spent during courtship were reimbursed promptly.