Stivo Simple boy,Class 8 Drop Out, Former Watchman,Making Millions From Music

Stephen Otieno Adera, better known as Stivo Simple Boy, exemplifies the adage that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Emerging from a modest upbringing in Homabay, he has now ascended to financial success through his music career.

Early Life:
Stivo Simple Boy was born in Oyugis, Homabay County, in 1990. His education commenced in Homabay, where he attended school up to class seven. However, his family relocated to Nairobi’s Kibera Slums, leading him to complete his primary education there before discontinuing further studies due to financial constraints and his own admission of being a slow learner.

Hustling Journey:
Following his departure from formal education, Stivo embarked on a journey of hustling to make ends meet. His initial venture was as a security personnel at a company, a position he held for two years until an unfortunate incident led to his dismissal. Subsequently, he transitioned to the construction industry, working in the Mjengo field in Kibera for approximately three years before finding his breakthrough.

Musical Pursuits:
Stivo Simple Boy’s passion for music traces back to his youth, coupled with a fondness for Kiswahili that permeates his lyrics. Even during his days as a laborer, he would serenade his surroundings with his songs. It was during this time that he composed his renowned track “Mihadharati,” drawing inspiration from his experiences in the Mjengo field.

Rise to Fame:
Stivo’s breakthrough came when he was invited onto Chipukeezy’s show on Ebru TV in 2019, where his performance of “Mihadharati” went viral. While his lyrics resonated with many, some mocked his appearance, yet this attention propelled him into the limelight, marking the beginning of his ascent to stardom.

Financial Success:
Despite facing setbacks, including alleged exploitation by his former management, Stivo Simple Boy persevered. With the support of a new management team, his hits such as “Freshi Barida” garnered widespread acclaim, securing lucrative deals and numerous performance opportunities. Notably, a partnership with Odi Bet proved lucrative, enabling him to generously support his family by constructing a new home for them. His earnings from various gigs and deals have facilitated a lavish lifestyle, establishing him as one of Kenya’s prominent celebrities by 2022.

In essence, Stivo Simple Boy’s journey from humble beginnings to financial success epitomizes resilience and the power of pursuing one’s passion against all odds.