Murang’a man with bees on his head seeks support to build 10000 hives

A resident of Murang’a County named Maina is calling upon both the Kenyan public and the government to endorse and assist him in nurturing his unique talent for attracting bees.

While being surrounded by bees, covering his face and neck, Maina boldly affirms that the bees he lures do not sting him, and they only depart when he instructs them to do so.

In response to suspicions of employing witchcraft to achieve this remarkable feat, Maina vehemently refutes such claims, citing his strong commitment to his Christian faith as a born-again believer. He firmly believes that his extraordinary ability is a divine gift, stating, “It’s through God’s grace and anointment that I remain unharmed by these bees.”

Consequently, Maina appeals to the public to consider supporting his talent in the same way that they rally behind footballers and athletes. He passionately asserts, “This is why I am seeking assistance. I would like to receive beehives to provide a proper habitat for my bees. Beehives cost Ksh. 5,000,” he emphasizes in the Kikuyu dialect.

Bees have frequently been associated with mystical practices in the country, often believed to be used by witches for purposes such as identifying thieves, as evidenced in numerous cases. However, Maina’s request stands as a testament to the potential beauty and uniqueness of nature, a talent that he believes should be nurtured and supported just like any other.