Do You Still Remember Pastor Pius Muiru? This is What Happened to Him ,SEE

For over a decade, Pastor Pius Muiru, once a prominent figure in Kenya, has largely faded from public view. Following his unsuccessful bid in the 2007 presidential race, the leader of Maximum Miracle Centre retreated from the spotlight for several reasons.

During his heyday from 2000 to 2007, Pastor Pius Muiru enjoyed considerable renown, particularly through his ministry’s segment dubbed “Kuna Nuru Gizani,” where his purported miracles garnered widespread attention and fame.

Despite his withdrawal from the public eye, Pastor Pius Muiru continues to lead a luxurious lifestyle in a multimillion-dollar mansion located in the Kigumo area. He remains dedicated to his ministry, presently sharing preaching duties with his wife, Rev Lucy Muiru, at the Maximum Miracle Centre in Ruaraka.

With a substantial following, Pastor Pius Muiru still operates Nuru TV, retaining his signature slogan, “Kuna Nuru Gizani.”

While the COVID-19 pandemic temporarily halted his crusades, Pastor Pius has resumed performing miracles and spreading the gospel, now that normalcy has returned. Although not extensively active on social media, he utilizes platforms like Facebook to engage with his followers.

Despite his continued success in ministry, Pastor Pius Muiru’s foray into politics led some Kenyans to lose interest in him, as the country’s political landscape is often perceived as fraught with corruption, a realm from which a man of God is expected to abstain.